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Welcome to the MathWeb wiki! This is a place for everything, which is interesting for the MathWeb work group – the OMDoc markup format for mathematical knowledge and other projects. This wiki runs MediaWiki (known from Wikipedia) with the Semantic MediaWiki extension, so this is pretty much state of the art :-)


What's going on?

Go ahead!

To edit pages, you must first create an account. This offers a minimal protection against spam, and it allows others to see who wrote what.

To get started with the wiki, contribute to some of our 434 pages or create new ones, preferably a wanted page. Feel free to copy page source code of others for your pages! In particular, try to re-use semantic categories or properties (formerly: relations and attributes). Where writing wiki content becomes more like programming, consider re-using a template. For better collaboration, learn to use the recent changes and your watch list. And give your edits a meaningful summary – as in Subversion. Please mark your edits as “minor” if they are of minor importance. In this case, they can be hidden from the list of Recent changes.


In case of any questions, read the help page, consult the documentation for MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki. If you would like any extension to be installed, ask Christoph.

What about semantics?

To bring out the best in Semantic MediaWiki, you should model one wiki page to be describe exactly one real-world thing. Put it into one or more categories, assign attributes to it, and define relations to other things. You might also be interested in queries.

Note: A category contains things that are related “in some way”, which is not further formally specified. (E.g. the OMDoc document ontology is related to OMDoc, therefore it's a member of the OMDoc category, but it is not an “OMDoc”, but an ontology.) To express a real taxonomic relation, as in “Michael is a MathWebber”, please use the instance of relation.

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